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Explosions and fires are among the most devastating and overwhelming events that occur on a regular basis throughout the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area. They often lead to serious burns or other catastrophic injuries or death, as well as the destruction of property. Explosions and fires are seen throughout New Jersey and New York in all manners of locations and circumstances, including improperly protected construction sites, defective home propane tanks, flammable or highly combustible fuels in certain industries, improperly designed gasoline tanks on a motor vehicle or other fuel-powered equipment, defective smoke detectors or fire alarms, faulty wiring in a new house, or negligent maintenance of public electric or gas utilities.

Each of these negligent acts alone is enough to cause an explosion or fire or to create an environment where a minor fire becomes a catastrophic event. New Jersey and New York law allow victims of explosions and fires, including firefighters and rescuers, to recover for injuries, death, and property damage when the explosion or fire was caused by negligence. Victims need both immediate and long-term help, including help from an experienced lawyer, to protect their rights and move toward recovery.

Unfortunately, explosion and fire accidents are usually caused by multiple acts and omissions of different parties. The causes of explosions and fires can often be traced back to human error or corporate negligence. The reality is that those individuals or companies that cause explosions and fires usually have significant resources to enable them to aggressively defend themselves. Determining the cause of an explosion or fire, and who should be held accountable for the injuries and damages caused, is usually a matter that requires swift action on the part of the victims’ attorneys to investigate the cause of the explosion or fire.

This necessarily requires a lawyer to retain the highly specialized experts needed to determine the cause of the explosion or fire and the manner in which it could have been prevented. Our law firm has worked on numerous occasions with leading experts in the fields of explosion and fire prevention and cause and origin to properly litigate these complicated and hard-fought cases.

Although many lawyers claim to handle explosion and fire accident cases, the simple truth is that not all lawyers are equipped to handle these difficult matters. Usually in these types of cases, the property damage is severe, the medical costs are high and the pain and suffering and other losses can be immeasurable. In addition to the complicated technical issues surrounding these claims, explosion and fire accident claims often involve the application of complex federal and state laws and regulations and industry standards. A law firm with the resources, experience, and personnel necessary to properly investigate and pursue the claim is crucial.

The attorneys at Gencarelli and Rimassa Law Firm, LLC advocate for our clients’ full financial recovery through detailed, meticulous preparation for trial. If you have sustained significant property damage, suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one died as a result of an explosion and fire accident, our lawyers can help you.

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