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Every year, thousands of people are killed or sustain serious injuries in accidents involving commercial trucks and buses. Tragically, many of these accidents are the result of negligent truck and bus drivers and their employers. These accidents can result from poor driving, including the failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians, vehicles, bicyclists, as well as other violations of the relevant vehicle and traffic laws. Some accidents also involve the failure to properly maintain and/or equip the involved truck or bus.

Intimate knowledge of the laws and rules affecting trucks and buses is paramount to successfully prosecuting these cases. Additionally, comprehensive knowledge of the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, the Smith Method of Driving and the internal Rules and Regulations of each of the truck and bus companies is essential. The driver disciplinary process is also unique as are the standards for admission of reports done by the applicable public safety boards. In order to ensure important eyewitnesses are located, drivers interviewed, and physical evidence preserved, Gencarelli and Rimassa Law Firm, LLC initiates an independent investigation process as soon as possible when seeking damages for a truck and bus accident.

If necessary, our law office will also retain expert accountants and financial analysts because many truck and bus accident cases have their own set of associated losses including lost wages, the cost of care and many other monetary costs. In order to accurately assess what these costs will be for the remainder of a victim’s life, our attorneys use financial professionals to derive fair resolutions for injury victims.

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